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All types of scrap metal, cardboard, plastics, computers & electronics, batteries and more!


We have three Full Service operations.

We serve everyone - from the individual to major manufacturing contractors.


It's time to finally get rid of that old appliance – and get paid for it.

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WILSON, NC Scrap Metal Recycling Center
Rocky Mount, NC
Tarboro, NC

  • Fast Service - Great Prices

  • Open to the public - "We pay cash for your Metal Trash"

  • We buy almost anything metal - Click Here

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Wilson Metal Recycling JG is the safest, best and largest full service Wilson Recycling Center for Wilson County scrap metal recycling. Many come to us from Rocky Mount, NC, Greenville, NC, as well as other areas. We also team with Raleigh Metal Recycling, www.raleighscrapmetalrecycling.com and Goldsboro Metal Recycling, www.goldsoroscrapmetalrecycling.com, so together we are the largest full service recycling centers in all of Eastern North Carolina. We have the largest Wilson scrap metal retail recycling center buying from the public, with 3 scales. We are not just a junkyard or salvage yard; we are a full service Wilson Recycling Center, meaning see us for Wilson NC Scrap Metal Recycling. We are the best Wilson, North Carolina scrap yard-Wilson Recycling Center with great prices per pound. We also sell tested and charge, used Car Batteries and Used Truck Batteries that are cheap, affordable, refurbished. A Car Battery Store!


We buy from the public items that you would normally either bring to a Wilson County Convenience Center, Dump, or put in the trash. We buy broken and old appliances, aluminum cans, car/truck batteries, barbeque grills, scrap copper, wire, aluminum, electronics recycling and more. See our website for: What We Buy. Our operations are clean and our facilities are fully paved for you the public! Scrap Metal Recycling is what we do! If you want to know where to go to recycle scrap metal, come to us! We also SELL Used car batteries as well as truck and lawn and garden batteries to the public. All are specially load tested, fully charged and come with a 30 day exchange. If you are looking for a recycling center, "near me", come see us. If you want to know how much are our prices per pound and how much you will get, call us at (252) 243-3586 for prices. We make it easy to Drop off old appliances, broken appliances, aluminum cans and more, as well as pay cash for them.


Wilson Metal Recycling started as a scrap metal recycler buying scrap iron and metal to recycle. We provide computerized data for LEED demolition and building/construction projects. Importantly, we combine our volume to get the best possible prices directly from steel mills and smelters, so we can offer you the best possible value! Call us at (252) 243-3586 so we can be your full service recycling partner. We have great scrap metal prices per pound for your Demolition projects and great metal, cardboard and plastics from Industrial sites.


  • Metal: all types of scrap metal, steel, iron and metal, scrap aluminum, aluminum cans, brass, appliances, scrap copper, wire, scrap stainless steel, nickel and even X-ray film.
  • Cardboard: For large Industrials we arrange for balers.
  • Plastics: Many types we buy.
  • Computers, electronics, e-waste-electronic recycling at its best.
  • Batteries: Lead acid-car batteries, fork lift batteries, truck batteries, Li-Ion, Ni MH, Ni-Cad, UPS Battery
  • Electronics: Boards, chips. drives, wire and more
  • See What We BUY


Car Batteries are for sale at Wilson Metal Recycling JG. The leader in Wilson, Rocky Mount, Elm City, Kenly, Farmville for selling used car batteries, big truck batteries, Marine Batteries, Boat Batteries, RV and Lawn and Garden batteries, replacements near me. Of course this means we have Deep Cycle, AGM batteries for sale for your boat, 4 wheeler and Jet Ski. Every battery is fully load tested, electrically tested and trickle charged, so they are fresh, low cost and ready to go at a great price-half to a third of a new battery and we have all sizes. We are a Car Battery Store and the best place to buy a battery for your GM, Chevrolet, Ford, RAM, Toyota, Honda Civic, JEEP, Chrysler, Nissan Altima, Camry, F-150, Lexus, BMW, Hyundai, Mercedes and more. Affordable, Cheap, refurbished, reconditioned, auto Batteries. Why go to Walmart, Pep Boys, Auto Zone, Costco, Firestone, Interstate, Sam's, NTB, NAPA, Advance, Batteries Plus Bulbs, O'Reilly, or Sears. No need to buy online. Come to us this week for FREE testing of your car battery and the best place to buy a reconditioned, Car, Marine, Boat, RV, Solar or Lawn and Garden Battery at the lowest price! These second hand "old" batteries are almost like NEW with a FULL 90 Day Exchange! Duralast, Motorcraft, AC Delco, Diehard and more!


Commercial vehicle, heavy duty semi-truck and farm batteries for sale. These are slightly used, tested and freshly charged, with a FULL 90 DAY EXCHANGE. If you have a Volvo, Peterbilt, Freightliner, CAT, John Deer or other semi-truck, we have your heavy duty battery. These are the best price refurbished group 31 and more.


We support local charities, schools and nonprofits in their fundraising. Aluminum cans has been the most common fundraising product, but we have also supported schools and other groups in collecting all types of scrap metal. Call us to help with your organization. We also arrange tours for schools and groups to educate all, on how we recycle and ship around the world, after we buy here in North Carolina.


Recycling is a major source of income and a profit enhancer for many industrial companies when you sell scrap per pound. It also brings added income for electricians and plumbers, but the great news is, it is great for the environment and the U.S economy.

Energy Efficiency - Manufacturing new steel beams from old iron and metal saves about 55% of the energy vs. making beams from mined iron ore. Manufacturing new aluminum cans from melted down scrap aluminum cans, saves 90% of the energy, vs. making cans from mined bauxite and alumina. Recycling plastics saves oil and recycling cardboard saves trees!

U.S. Economy - We buy scrap metal, copper, aluminum, appliances, computers, plastic, wood and cardboard from factories and we buy "metal trash" from the public. We then process it with our millions of dollars of equipment and then importantly we ship to China, Korea and more. The metal trash we buy in Raleigh, we sell and ship to China. It comes back as iPads, computers and flat screen TVs. We are one of the largest exporters in North Carolina selling scrap metal, to China and creating jobs right here in Wilson, NC. Wilson Recycling Center at its best!



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