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Today’s Scrap Metal Prices
Wilson, NC, Rocky Mount, NC
Recycling in
North Carolina-5/30/14
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-Industrial and Public Welcome
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Scrap Metal steel prices are down a bit this week, but copper is up!  Aluminum is steady.  If you are an industrial company or Demo company call us.  If you are from the public, the weather has finally been good in recent weeks so bring us your metal!
Prices could be stable over the next months, but sorry we do not know, it could even be up!  See the below in copper prices in recent weeks.  As we have said many times, for items like copper, you can actually go to websites like www.cmegroup.com and watch the price of copper change every few seconds during the week.  There is word that copper could slowly go down next year.  Steel as many know usually changes once a month, but there is even no certainty to that.  If you are looking for Recycling Centers, come see us!
At Wilson, NC Metal Recycling here in North Carolina, our goal remains to do our best to pay you the most for scrap metal every day.  We also try to communicate the price to make it easy for you.  When you call our phone number 252-243-3586, we will give you Today’s scrap metal prices. This is for:
-Steel Recycling
-Cast Iron Recycling
-Copper Recycling
-Yellow Brass Recycling
-Red Brass
-Aluminum Cans
-Stainless Steel
-and more.

We continue to have a twin focus at Raleigh Recycling
1) Public
2) Industrial/Demolition customers
This means if you are a large Commercial or Industrial company, you should call us and we can give you prices for scrap metal, Cardboard, Copper, Electronics, Computers and more.
An important part of our company is that we have multiple digital, NC State certified scales that we use to service our Industrial and Commercial Customers.  

Importantly, we sell direct to Steel mills or divisions of steel mills, not to middle men who take a commission, so we pass that savings on to you!
When in Wilson, NC come see us at:

Wilson Scrap Metal Recycling JG
404 Maury Road
Wilson, NC, 27892
Tel 252-243 3586


When in Raleigh, Cary, NC, Durham, Apex, Clayton, Henderson, Oxford, Morrisville, Smithfield, Wake Forest, Burlington, Fayetteville, come see us at:

Raleigh Recycling
2310 Garner Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27610

Tel 919-828-5426


When in Goldsboro, LaGrange, Kinston, Mt. Olive, Smithfield, New Bern, come see us at:

Goldsboro Recycling
801 N. John St.
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Tel: 919-731-5600


Seven Benefits of Metal Recycling

get out of debtBy now, it is common knowledge that everyone should recycle, and yet, many people still do not do it. This is often because people have misconceptions about recycling, like that it takes too much work or that they don’t get anything out of it. Alternately, they simply may not know all of the great benefits that recycling offers. 

1. Recycling Pays
Even after a building is torn down or an appliance is worn out, the metal that is contained in it is still very valuable. One of the biggest reasons why people and businesses recycle their scrap metal is because they can get paid for the metal that is no longer useful to them. They can either take it in to a metal scrap recycling center if they no longer need the metal, or they can recycle the metal themselves with a metal recycling machine if they want to keep it to manufacture new products.

2. Recycling Saves Money
When companies recycle their metal themselves with a metal recycling machine, they significantly reduce or even eliminate the amount of metal that they need to buy new. This can have a drastic effect on their expenses. By recycling, a company can use the same amount of metal at a fraction of the cost, which means more profits without that much more work. No matter how large or small the company is, every company can always use additional ways to save money.
3. Recycling Makes the Most of the Earth’s Natural Resources
Metals like aluminum and steel are natural resources that need to be conserved. If companies keep using new metals at the same rate they have been, it won’t be long until we have exhausted the Earth’s resources and there won’t be any left. By recycling metals and using them again and again, companies can help the Earth’s resources last much longer.
4. Recycling Uses Less Energy
Recycling metals to be used again uses a small fraction of the energy that manufacturing new metals uses. In fact, recycling instead of manufacturing aluminum can save up to 92 percent of the energy needed to complete the process. This is a substantial energy savings. If the energy demand were to drop, the cost for energy would likely drop as well due to the principles of supply and demand. This means cheaper energy for everyone.
5. Recycling Reduces Landfill Waste
When scrap metal is thrown away, it takes up precious space in landfills. Not only does this leave less room for non-recyclable materials, but creating more landfills to hold all the extra metal and other garbage just creates more eyesores around a town. By recycling old scrap metals, people and companies can help keep their towns beautiful.
6. Recycling Helps the Economy
When people and companies recycle their old scrap metal, they actually help the economy. According to the U.S. Recycling Economic Information Study, the recycling and reuse industry employs over 1.1 million people and provides over $27 billion in income to its employees.
7. Recycling Encourages Advances in Green Technology
When people and businesses choose to recycle their scrap metal, they also help to encourage the development of new green technology, as they are using their dollars to show that green initiatives are important to them. Companies manufacture products that sell, and when people recycle and buy recycled products, they show companies that recycled products are a good investment.
Recycling metal isn’t just a nice thing that some people do if they think about it. Recycling is a great way for people and companies to help themselves and help their planet at the same time.

Metal prices firm in recent ranges on upbeat economic data

Base metals consolidated from session highs during late LME trading on Tuesday although the complex looked set to consolidation within recent ranges as macro data supports a firmer economic environment.

The copper price rose to its highest for nearly three months at one stage on Tuesday before settling in range-trade.  The aluminium price peaked to its highest for around one month, while the rest of the metals generally held at steady levels.

There was a string of positive US data releases which supported sentiments – Durable goods orders unexpectedly rose 0.8 percent in April – they had been seen falling 0.5 percent.

The Conference Board consumer confidence also advanced from 81.7 to 83 in May as “Americans turned more optimistic on the economy, stock prices and home values,” according to economists at OCBC in Singapore.

The US stock markets were buoyed by the upbeat US data, which also helped lift the US dollar broadly higher against most major currencies. Meanwhile, the euro was further weighed down by ECB Nowotny’s comments reinforcing market expectation for ECB to shift to more monetary easing on 5 June.

The euro was again under pressure around 1.3634 against the dollar, close to three-month lows of 1.3610.

In the metals, the copper price peaked at $6,966 before closing at $6,934 on Tuesday. Prices are now around $6,924.50, down almost $10 but tightness continued to flare in spreads- the cash/threes backwardation remained intense but has come down from $94 yesterday to the current $83.50.

Aluminium concluded at $1,828.50 and is currently down slightly to $1,824.50 per tonne. Stocks fell 8,650 tonnes to 5,221,950 tonnes and cancelled warrants increased 3,300 tonnes to 2,861,475 tonnes.

The nickel price was last $72 higher at $19,622. Stocks declined 96 tonnes to 280,308 tonnes, while tightness was evident in the nearby forward curve. It traded higher during the London hours yesterday to hit $19,761 as news that protests at Vale’s Goro nickel plant continue to prevent the plant from operating.

“The fact that the market ended the day in the red is a sign that the current bullish supports for nickel in recent weeks now seem to be fully priced in and the price seems set for further consolidation for some time to come,” said a note from Triland Metals.

In others, the lead price at $2,140 is down $2 and zinc lost $4.50 to the current $2,083 per tonne. Tin gained $18 at $23,369 – there was no change in stocks. The cash/threes backwardation has come down to around $15 – at the start of last week it was above $100. ShareThis

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