Today’s Scrap Metal Prices in Wilson, NC, Durham, NC at Wilson Metal Recycling 252-243-3586

Today’s Scrap Metal Prices
in Wilson, NC, Durham, NC
North Carolina-2/4/13
Today’s scrap metal prices for steel are nothing other than what the industry is calling a Plunge or a Reset.  As we have seen for gasoline, sadly we are now forced to pay less than half for scrap steel and half for copper than we were paying even about two years ago.  
Remember we do our best to pay you the most for scrap metal every day.  We also try to communicate the price to make it easy for you.  When you call our phone number 252-243-3586 and press 2, you will hear a recording with “Today’s prices”.  This is for:
-Cast Iron
-Junk Cars
-Salvage Cars
-and more.
We have a twin focus for our business, 
1) Public 
2) Industrial/Demolition customers.  

If you are from the Public, just come in for fast service.  If you are a large Commercial or Industrial company, you should call us at 252-243-3586 to discuss our service and prices.  We can talk to you about scrap metal, Cardboard, copper, computers and more. 

Scap metal Prices, Wilson, NC, 27893, 404 Maury St S, Wilson
Wilson Scrap Metal Recycling-252-243-3586

The best in Today’s Scrap Metal Prices in Wilson, NC.
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