Today’s Current, Scrap Metal Prices, Per pound, for Aluminum, Copper in Wilson, Rocky Mount, and more.

Today’s Scrap Metal 
Recycling Prices Per Pound
In Wilson, NC, Rocky Mount, NC, Tarboro, NC
Recycling Prices- 7/2/15
For Copper, Aluminum, Steel
Wilson Recycling Center
Junk Yard, Salvage Yard
Wilson Metal Recycling
404 Maury St. S.
Wilson, NC
Copper Scrap metal prices are up this week,  right here in Wilson, NC, but sorry we have taken down Steel a bit!
As you know we will continue to do all we can to support all with great prices in this tough market.  See the below showing copper came up a bit, so we are passing on the scrap copper price per pound to you.
Raleigh scrap metal recycling
Wilson Metal Recycling, copper prices

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