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Copper at Wilson Scrap Metal Recycling

404 Maury St. S., Wilson, NC 27893

Wilson Metal Recycling
Scrap Copper

Wilson Scrap Metal Recycling right here in NC, is the place to sell and recycle copper wire. We are buyers of copper wire. We buy copper wire if it is stripped, or insulated. If it is thick or it is thin. We are not just a junk yard or a salvage yard, we are a major Goldsboro Recycling center. We have two digital scales for nonferrous and of course you can use our two 70 foot truck scales if you have a truck load of copper wire. Of course we buy copper pipe as well. Note that we buy all kinds of copper such as:
  • Bare Bright Copper (Barley)
  • #1Copper (Berry)
  • #2 Copper (Birch)
  • Insulated Copper (Durid)
  • #2 Insulated Copper (Droid)
  • House wire
  • Romex
  • #1 Insulated
  • #2 Insulated
Scrap Metal in Raleigh North Carolina
Copper at Wilson Scrap Metal Recycling, 404 Maury St. S, Wilson, NC, 27893
If you are looking for a great price for your copper wire, call us of just come see us. If you are looking for a place to sell your copper wire, come see us at:
Wilson Scrap Metal Recycling
404 Maury Street S
Wilson, NC 27893
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