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CAST IRON Recycling at Wilson Scrap Metal Recycling! 404 Maury St S, Wilson, NC, 27893, (252) 243-3586

October 15th, 2015

We Buy Cast Iron At WILSON METAL RECYCLING! Bring us your CAST IRON Pots, CAST IRON Pans, CAST IRON Pipes, CAST IRON Grills, CAST IRON Barbeques, CAST IRON Kitchenware, and MORE! Wilson Metal Recycling buys Cast Iron For Fast Cash! CAST IRON is a very valuable scrap metal and you can make a lot of […]

Help the Environment AND Make Some Cash at Wilson Metal Recycling!! 404 Maury St S, Wilson, NC, 27893, (252) 243-3586

October 11th, 2015

Wilson Metal Recycling Scrap Metal, Scrap Yard Become a conscious citizen and support Wilson Metal Recycling in our effort to reduce environmental pollution!!! Help WILSON METAL RECYCLING Reduce the Amount of Recyclable Waste in Landfills! At WILSON METAL RECYCLING, we’re working hard and doing our best to ensure that COPPER, ALUMINUM, STEEL, COMPUTERS, ELECTRONICS, and […]

Metal Scrap Wilson, NC Recycling for Great Prices per Pound for Copper and Aluminum, 27893, North Carolina

October 4th, 2015

Metal Scrap Wilson, NC, 27893 Recycling Great Prices Per Pound Copper and Aluminum in North Carolina   Copper prices are now near 5 year lows, see the graph below.  We are a major Wilson, NC Recycling operation doing our best to pay you the most in these tough times.    With China not buying as […]

NC Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound, Wilson, NC, Durham, NC, Cary, NC, 27893, Copper, Aluminum and more

February 26th, 2015

NC Scrap Metal Prices Wilson Scrap Metal Recycling 2/26/15   There is not a lot of good news.  Copper has stabilized, but is really down a bit in the past few days.  Steel hit a new multi-year low in the past two weeks and next month, it could be down or sideways/flat in price.  See the […]

Wilson Metal Recycling Accepts Batteries, Computers, Appliances, and Other Electronics! 404 Maury Street S, Wilson, NC, 27893, 252-243-3586

January 27th, 2015

Electronic, Battery, Computer, Appliance Recycling & MORE! Wilson Metal Recycling 404 Maury Street S Wilson, NC, 27893 Tel 252-243-3586                                                                      Wilson Metal Recycling Buys Old and Broken Laptops For CASH! Wilson Metal Recycling buys BATTERIES, APPLIANCES, ELECTRONICS, and many other hazardous materials! Why throw them away when you can sell batteries, computers, electronics, and appliances […]

Today’s Scrap Metal (and Junk Cars), Wilson, NC, Current Prices Per pound for Copper, Aluminum, Durham, 27893, 252-243-3586

January 27th, 2015

TODAY’S SCRAP METAL PRICES RECYCLING PRICES PER POUND In Wilson, NC, Cary, NC, Durham, NC Recycling Prices- 1/26/15 For Copper, Aluminum, SteelSCRAP METAL BUYERS! Wilson Recycling Center Junk Yard, Salvage Yard 252-243-3586  Wilson Metal Recycling 404 Maury St S Wilson, NC -Outstanding Service -Industrial Pick Up and Public Drop off -11 Digital Scales to get you […]

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