Car batteries on sale at 50% off retail at Wilson Metal Recycling.  Fresh, gently used, refurbished, cheap, affordable with a full 90 day exchange!  Come from Rocky Mount, NC, Elm City and more.  If you have at Ford F-150, Toyota Camry, RAM, Honda Civic, Accord, Nissan, and more, we have a battery for sale at the best prices, lowest cost.  We also have a full line of Heavy Duty Truck batteries in stock on sale, including CAT and Diehard.  No need to go to Sears, Sams, Walmart, Interstate, Kmart, Autozone, O’Reilly, Pep Boys, Costco.  If you are looking for the lowest prices near me, come see us!  We are the best place to buy used, affordable batteries.  We have a replacement for every car and truck!  They are on sale this week and every week!  We have great reviews for service!  FREE TESTING of your battery and we buy old, dead batteries for recycling.

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Car Batteries on Sale-Wilson, Rocky Mount

Car Battery Sale-Wilson, Rocky Mount

Car Batteries on Sale-Used, Wilson, NC, Rocky Mount

Car Battery Store-Car Batteries for Sale-Wilson Metal Recycling, NC

Car Battery Store

Car Batteries for Sale

Wilson, Rocky Mount, Elm City, Sims, NC

Car Battery Store is what we are at Wilson Metal Recycling.  We sell fully tested, reconditioned and charged car batteries, auto batteries with a FULL 90 Day Exchange!  Why go to Walmart, Sears, or Pep Boys for a cheap battery? Come to us for a great fully backed and tested affordable, refurbished used battery for your Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Ford, Nissan and more.  We have a full line in stock and we get you in and out even faster than Firestone, Interstate, Batteries Plus. O’Reillys or AutoZone.  Our refurbished batteries are low cost and really cheap so there is no need to go to Sam’s or Costco.  We even have for your Ford F150 and your Nissan Altima, or even BMW, all for replacement and with the FULL 90 Day exchange.  If you are looking for a car battery store near me, some see us at Wilson Metal Recycling.

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Car Batteries on sale, Wilson, NC

Car Battery store near me. Sale. Wilson, NC

Car Batteries on sale-Wilson, NC

Car Batteries for Sale, Wilson, NC

Car Batteries for Sale-Used, Freshly Charged, Cheap and Affordable-Wilson, NC

Car Batteries for Sale

Cheap and Affordable

Full 90 Day Exchange

Car batteries are for Sale at Wilson Metal Recycling.  We have fully tested, fully charges Car, Auto, Truck, Farm and lawn and garden batteries for sale at Wilson Metal Recycling JG.  If you are looking for a place ‘near me’ to buy car batteries on sale, come see us!  Why go to Walmart, Kmart, Sears, AutoZone or Interstate.  We are a true Car Battery store with great prices and great support!   We sell fully tested car, automobile and truck batteries.  We also BUY your old, dead battery for recycling, so you can use that money to help pay for a new one!  We have great deals and a great stock of replacement batteries.  If you are in Kenly, Farmville, Black Creek, Baily, come see us!  We have great deals and prices for automobile, truck and farm equipment batteries that are used, charged and ready to go!  If you need a battery for your GM, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan, Honda,

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Car Batteries for Sale-Wilson, NC

Greg Brown




Wilson, NC Car batteries for Sale

Car Batteries for Sale, Auto-Wilson, NC

Car Batteries on Sale-Wilson, NC

Car Battery Store-Wilson, NC




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